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29-May-2011 19:03:25
I.G CONSULTANT CO., LTD is a licensed manpower recruitment company recognized by the Royal  Government of Cambodia, and holds the commercial license No 273កប, issued by the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training, dated approval on March 10, 2011.

I.G. Consultant is one of Ly Hour Group’s subsidiaries, founded in the early 2011 providing recruitment service, mostly focused on manpower business.
We are a fast growing company with a dynamic group of highly qualified professionals and we always aim to exceed clients’ expectations as we view every recruitment undertaking as a long-term partnership borne out of trust, integrity, professionalism and service satisfaction. 
We have had the privilege of sending very educated, talented and working manpower; and in the process has not only brightened the future of employees but also earned the goodwill and appreciation of overseas employers. We view manpower as a partnership and a bridge to build a lasting relationship with our clients. Today, the company is relied upon by some of the world’s reputable companies to assist them in their manpower needs.
We use our Website network to cover the whole operations, products and services with local and international support to link your business purposes transparently. 
We strive to provide a cost-effective recruitment platform for employers and the fastest job search engine for job seekers in order to pair the most suitable talents with the job vacancies as well as product advertisement enhancement. 

Ig-job.com is founded in the late 2011 and launched its first services in Phnom Penh on Sunday, May 13, 2012--  with our sole headquarter in Phnom Penh, it has been expanding its operations and is today the reliable provider of online recruitment services in Cambodia. 
With our efforts in providing the latest technology, we will expect to get high reputation in the company and have become one of the largest online recruitment platforms in Cambodia and foreign markets.
We keep on giving our users better experience, no matter on the website’s user interface* or speed, and we also continue to strengthen our content to let our users equip themselves for better career prospects.
We value our clients and members by giving them information relevant only to their jobs, as we know that it is the right and only way to let our users grow with us.
We always strive to be recognized as a trusted manpower provider in Cambodia with a backbone of efficient, stable, reliable and committed workforce, and enhance a quality online employment service for employers and job seekers in Cambodia and foreign markets to meet long-term prestige, and reliability.
Client satisfaction is our first priority and ultimate goal. We will strive to provide competent, dedicated and reliable Cambodian manpower that is professionally-driven and can make a difference in the quest to achieve their company's goal. In return, we shall endeavor to encourage our clients to provide a professionally rewarding environment that recognizes merits, loyalty and dedication. We will do our best to look after the welfare of the workers we deploy anywhere in the world to make their employment a rewarding experience.
We provide recruitment services that are anchored on the concept of long-term partnership based on trust, integrity, efficiency and professionalism.
We value the confidence granted to us by our clients and will strive to serve the best way we can.
We put prime importance on the welfare of the workers, the people who have given their trust and confidence, by looking after their welfare and insuring that all contractual obligations are met.
IG Consultant has a team of professionals who have been trained and possessed significant experience in the manpower recruitment industry. Every aspect of the recruitment process is considerable focus to insure the provision of prompt, high quality and professional recruitment service. The company communicates regularly with clients to pay full attention to every details and requirements provided by our clients. Every recruitment activity is designed to provide our client with a high level of confidence that recruitment targets are on track and success.
Our services are dedicated to both the employers as well as deserving employees related to recruitment.
Prompt, reliable and efficient services have always been one of our prime concerns:
Formalities concerned with recruitments, obtain permission from the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training.
Advertising the Job Order by various available media to ensure that, the best candidate to meet the job requirements.
Pre-screening of the collected Bio-Data of candidates.
Personal interaction with the candidates and trade tests.
Selections based on job requirements, qualifications, skills, previous job experience, attended courses/trainings, and preference given to the most deserving candidates.
Arrange for an interview of the selected candidates; if required by the employer (representatives of the company are always welcome to come over to Cambodia for interview of the pre-selected candidates).
Whereas we ensure the candidates selected by our company meet the job criteria.
Ensure the medical checkup of each & every selected candidate.
We brief all the workers about their jobs, safety procedures, the climbing conditions, teach them to honor the different religions, rules and regulations of the country, customs and traditions of other nationalities they will meet and work with. And we pay special attention to make them understand and respect the cultures & traditions of the country of employment. The object is to give them some ideas of their place of work and environment before their departure so that they can adjust easily to their new environment on their arrival in the place of work.
Complete the formalities and make necessary arrangements for the departure of the candidates.
Overall a hassle free, impartial & reliable recruitment to achieve the utmost satisfaction of clients not letting down the hopes of potential candidates.
Work hard and possess a strong will to succeed.
Professional work ethics with polite attitude recognized globally.
Loyal to employers; caring and compassionate to fellow workers.
Possess a happy disposition and with a can-do attitude.
Flexible and can easily adapt to a new work and cultural environment.
Overseas employment is fully ingrained in national consciousness.
We aim to provide a total recruitment solution to our clients and work to insure a successful recruitment of manpower. As a professional manpower recruitment company, we put a high premium on the value of trust and faith granted to us by both our principals and the workers we deploy. From the start of recruitment to final deployment, the following services are performed to pave the way for the smooth and successful recruitment process to take place.
Conduct Manpower Search, and On-Site
Prepare job vacancies.
Pre-select candidates for short-listing
Administer tests (if required); conduct personal interviews for individual assessment.
Evaluate and verify credentials and documentary submissions such as employment certification, transcript of records, etc.
Prepare candidate for interview with employer and/or its representative.
Conduct trade test.
Arrange the conduct of medical and laboratory tests to determine health and fitness level of candidate.
Assist selected workers in the compliance with documents required for visa and other purposes.
Facilitate visa issuance from host country through employer for selected candidates.
Provide Pre-Departure Orientation.
Coordinate with principal airline booking of selected workers.
Airport departure assistance.

2. Products and Services 

We have everything you need to find talents. Not only can you place a job ad to attract talents, but also you can make use of our database to search for huge number of candidates or we can tailor a company hiring page for you.

Ig-job.com consists of two different categories for its membership’s choice, employer forum and job seeker forum in which both employers and job seekers can exchange each other’s information—the first important thing is to be our members, employers must pay in advance to use our package service price. To pay now, click on our price lists here, and free of charge for job seekers who would like to post their resumes.

2.1 Benefits 

After becoming one of our members, you can search your ideal candidates whenever you want, advertise your products, write comments, give feedback, and post any linked business information to find business partners on our employer forum efficiently.

With ig-job.com, makes your business plans grow faster, get more reliable, cost-saving, and reach your qualified candidates.

We provide employers the most cost-effective and efficient online recruitment service. To post your job advertisement and products, email us at services@ig-job.com. 

2.2 Privacy Policy for I.G. Consultant Co., LTD

2.2.1 Purpose 

The purpose of this Site is to allow you to use electronically for employers who search candidates, post job advertisement, find business partners as well as posting product advertisement, and for job seekers who apply for a job and post their resumes with ig-job.com, or any other members of the ig-job.com. 

2.2.2 Your Responsibilities

You are responsible for the content, accuracy and completeness of any application or information you submit to this Site. If you do not supply full and complete information, this may prevent or delay the processing of your application or information. You confirm that the information that you submit is true and accurate and does not violate any laws or breach any contract or render the ig-job.com liable to any claim or proceedings whatsoever.

You will be asked to provide a contact email address and a password. For your own protection, you should select a password that would not be obvious to someone else who might try to guess your password and you agree not to disclose your password to any other person, nor to let any other person use your login email name or password for any purpose.

2.2.3 What Happens to Your Information

You acknowledge that information you submit to the Site may be supplied to and used by the relevant member(s) of the ig-job.com to assess and process your information. In addition to the data supplied by participants, the selection and application process may involve the supply of further data and ig-job.com Group may obtain data from third parties (including referees and public records). To help understand the skills of certain participants, ig-job.com Group may suggest a personal profile exercise be carried out. All such data will be kept strictly confidential and used by ig-job.com Group for recruitment purposes. If such data cannot be obtained, ig-job.com Group may be unable to consider the applicant.

Even if you are not selected for a position for which you search or apply, we may consider that you have skills 

and experience that would be of value to the ig-job.com Group. For this reason, if another potentially suitable vacancy exists or subsequently arises, we may transfer your application to the relevant ig-job.com Group member for consideration.
Data of applicants who are members of ig-job.com, both job providers and job seekers will be destroyed within 6 months of application except in the case of applicants for new employment. 
2.2.4 Limitations
The members of the ig-job.com Group do not warrant or guarantee the availability, effectiveness or performance of this Website, nor your ability to submit any application or information to this Site. To the extent permitted by law, you agree that no member of the ig-job.com Group will be responsible for any loss, damage or unauthorized disclosure of information that you or any other person may suffer or incur in connection with the use, or misuse, of your login email name and password.
This policy applies to applicants as our members for our Website service, for employment, business purposes, and not for political relevance to defame the Royal Government of Cambodia. 
Any information which is posted by any member of ig-job.com Group, or by any mean of exaggeration to the facts, contrasting with our policy, if found, the criminal will be filed a complaint to the court and your email will be blogged permanently. The Group safeguards your posted information in accordance with applicable Cambodian Law, and data of unsuccessful applicants will be destroyed within 3 months of rejection.
Applicants have the right to check what data is held, to request a copy and request correction. To do so please contact: services@ig-job.com
ig-job.com Group may charge a reasonable fee for processing of any access request.
IMPORTANT: By submitting information to this Website, you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions of use.
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