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1. Recruitment Service

Our services are dedicated to both the employers as well as deserving employees related to recruitment.

     Prompt, reliable and efficient services have always been one of our prime concerns:

·         Formalities concerned with recruitments, obtain permission from the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training.

·         Advertising the Job Order by various available media to ensure that, the best candidate to meet the job requirements.

·         Pre-screening of the collected Bio-Data of candidates.

·         Personal interaction with the candidates and trade tests.

·         Selections based on job requirements, qualifications, skills, previous job experience, attended courses/trainings, and preference given to the most deserving candidates.

·         Arrange for an interview of the selected candidates; if required by the employer (representatives of the company are always welcome to come over to Cambodia for interview of the pre-selected candidates).

·         Whereas we ensure the candidates selected by our company meet the job criteria.

·         Ensure the medical checkup of each & every selected candidate.

2. Training Service
   We provide training service based on job skilled, on job training and off- job training. For more informaiton about our training programs click here.

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